Homemade Rice Noodle Recipe

Anytime Homemade Rice Noodle Recipe

Within half an hour, you’ll be able to make yourself a delicious and filling snack. You can add these noodles to practically any dish, so read on for a complete must-have guide.

Rice noodles are probably one of the most underrated dishes on the Chinese menu (check out our sui mi ya cai). These noodles not only have plenty of taste but they can simply be added to any dish.

But we know what you’re thinking: how can someone with perhaps not that much experience in the kitchen possibly make their own homemade noodles.

Well, this recipe is very simple and we’ve broken it down for you to make it even simpler. You can stir this in with chicken, leafy greens and mushrooms to create a very diverse platter. This is quite simply one of the best filler ingredients that will go easy on your waistline.

That’s right, if you are looking to shed those pounds in the approach to the summer holiday season, then we would recommend that you switch out your dried noodles with some freshly made rice noodles.

You can also keep these noodles in the fridge or freezer, getting them out when you need them the most.

So what ingredients do you need to make some excellent rice noodles? How long will this recipe take to make from start to finish? What should you remember before starting the recipe? What are the nutritional benefits of having rice noodles?

Well, we’ve got the answers to all these questions and a heck of a lot more, with this handy list of ingredients and an easy-to-understand recipe that will ensure that you have everything you need to replicate an authentic Chinese dish (try this delicious Chinese Fish Soup Recipe, and enjoy its taste!).

This will not only fill your stomach, but it’ll give you a decent snack before work or after a hard day at the gym.

Why Make Your Own Noodles?

There are simply so many applications for this type of noodles, whether it is fish (check out our fish maw soup recipe) or chicken noodle soup, minced garlic noodles or even plain noodles, this is a base ingredient that simply goes with anything.

Some people have taken their own chili oil and added it to their noodles for a very simple flavored noodle dish.

These noodles are very wide and absorbent, taking all the flavor out of the surrounding broth to infuse your meal with some of the heartiest and most organic flavors that you can buy.

These noodles are also perfect for cutting down on calories and giving you that sufficient energy boost before your workout. You don’t need to make that many noodles to get that full feeling for at least a few hours.

This is a great way to cut down on snacking and, as we mentioned before, in a very versatile way.

However, before you dive headlong into this recipe, you should take care to remember a few things.

What You Need To Remember

  • Make sure that your rice noodles do not stick together when you are preparing them. You can do this by being absolutely sure that every layer that your rice noodles are on is brushed multiple times with oil.
  • Make sure that you have two flat-bottomed pans for cooking your sheets. We would recommend that you cook two batches, as you can always save some rice noodles for later.
  • Once you’ve added your rice mixture to the bottom of the pan, make sure that it is sitting on top of some boiling water. If your pan is sitting nice and even, you can be sure that you’ll have an even distribution of heat and that the noodle will cook properly right the way through.
  • Make sure that when you are making the rice mixture that you stir it well. This is because rice tends to settle at the bottom of your pan.

The Ingredients

  • One and a quarter cup of rice flour (check out our sticky rice balls recipe)
  • 2 tablespoons of tapioca starch (you can also use cornstarch)
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • 1 and a half cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil – you’ll need a little more than this to brush your pan

The Recipe

  1. Take the rice flour and add the tapioca starch. Then add the salt and water. Mix it all up into a bowl until it is well dissolved.
  2. Take a tablespoon of oil and strain the liquid through a fine mesh into another bowl. Let this liquid rest for about 30 minutes.
  3. Fill your flat-bottomed pan with water and bring it to the boil. As you cook, you might want to add some more water, as it will naturally evaporate.
  4. Brush a light coating of oil over the surface of the pan. Then place your pan on top of your pot of boiling water. Add a quarter of your cup of rice liquid to the mixture.
  5. Cover your pan and put the water on to boil for about five minutes. If your pan is thicker or you are using a wok, then increase the cooking time to 8 minutes.
  6. Once you’ve finished, take your pan off the boil and set it to the side. Then put the second pan on top of the boiling water and repeat the process as above. Make sure that the rice is cooking evenly.
  7. While the second pan is cooking, take the sheet of rice mixture from the first pan and begin cutting. Use a rubber spatula to loosen the hardened mixture and lay it on the cutting board.
  8. Now brush the empty pan with some more oil and start making your third batch. Keep brushing the pan well so your rice mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom.
  9. When slicing your noodles you can cut them in any way that you like. We would recommend that you cut them into one-third-inch strips.
  10. Store your noodles in the fridge for a day or two until they get nice and solid, but still floppy in shape. They should retain that consistent noodle shape when heated.

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