The Best Indian Food Store In Washington DC

This article is all about Indian food store in Washington DC. Living in the Country’s capital brings you closer to home than you think. Here, you can find decent awesome Indian grocery stores in Washington DC area that serve Indian street food in DC and even offer Indian grocery delivery in DC. However, if you are looking to do some personal cooking, check out this list of Indian grocery stores in DC area. 

Indian Food Store In Washington DC

If you reside in Washington DC and you are searching for the best Indian Food Store around you or online, visit Pan-Am Fresh Supermarket at 3320 Brown St NW, Desi Basket online, Kesar Grocery store online, Street Market Cafe in 2400 14th St NW, and Swagat Indian Grocery Store online. 

Pan-Am Fresh SuperMarket 


Phone Number: (202) 588-8400

Opening Hours: (Mon – Thur, Sun: 8am – 10pm) (Fri – Sat: 8am – 11am)

Address: 3320 Brown St NW, Washington, DC 20010

Pan-Am Fresh Supermarket is a top Indian food store in Washington DC. It is located in a serene environment right at Columbia Heights, this makes it convenient for easy movement. 

Although the corner store is small, they do boast of having a large array of Indian grocery items and even cleaning agents. At the back of the store sits one of the best South Indian restaurants in Washington DC area with friendly chefs and waiters to grant you complete customer satisfaction. 

To help increase convenience for the Customer, Pan-Am Fresh Supermarket offers Indian food DC delivery services that are both fast and reliable.  When it comes to pricing, their menu is filled with tasty affordable Indian food in DC, so you definitely should check them.

Recommended Items

Lamb Biryani 

From their restaurant section, they serve delicious Lamb biryani, that is tender and very well garnished. 

Tandoori Chicken 

Their Tandoori Chicken seems to be their signature dish, it is highly recommended by the chef and is very spicy. 

Some More Options for Indian Food Store In Washington DC

Kesar Grocery 


Phone Number: (201) 893-8300

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, Mon to Sat

Address: Online Store 

Kesar Grocery is an online Indian food store in Washington DC. They have a massive array of diverse Indian groceries that ranges from frozen chicken to great Indian spices and even Nuts and Indian sweets. 

With such a large inventory, you are guaranteed to get the exact Indian grocery item you are searching for. All orders are placed and taken via their easy to use website or mobile app. This further improves convenience for the average shopper. 

They make deliveries to all states and locations in the United States including the Country’s capital so regardless of where you are, you are always assured of top-quality Indian grocery online in Washington DC with top-quality customer service.  

Recommended Items


Kesar Grocery Store boasts of serving well-preserved Rasgulla dumplings that taste divine. 

Rajbhog Sweets 

They serve all kinds of tasty Indian sweets and treats at Kesar Grocery, one of them being the Rajbhog Sweets. 

Desi Basket 


Phone Number: (732) 835-7629

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours,  Mon – Sun

Address: Online Store

Desi Basket is another Online Indian Food Store in Washington DC. Although their walk in store is located in New Jersey, they perform deliveries to all states in the United States.

They have a massive collection of over 2000 products with connections to over 150 different grocery brands to ensure you always find what you are looking for at Desi Basket. Some of their items include ready to eat meals, rice, and masalas. They also serve sauces, pickles and other treats. 

Since it is an online store, you do most of your ordering online, but they do have a walk in store in New Jersey. Their prices are very affordable as you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to eat high quality food. 

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Desi Basket, as they make sure deliveries are fast and proper, and their customer service team are more than able to deal with any complaints you might have with your experience at Desi Basket. 

Recommended Items

Idli Rice

You can get fine quality Idli Rice at Desi Basket. It is well preserved with a high nutritional value and great taste. 

Bombay Rava

Try their Bombay Rava. Well-stored Rava balls that are rich in fiber and protein. It is also quite affordable. 

Swagat Indian Grocery Store


Phone Number: (847) 222-0735

Opening Hours:  (Mon-Sun: 9 am – 9 pm) 

Address: Online Store 

Swagat Indian Grocery Store is not an Indian food store in Washington DC. It is a walk-in store that is located in Mt Prospect, Illinois. However, it does offer delivery services that cover the whole of the United States including Washington DC.

They offer a wide range of Indian groceries for both Indian and non-Indians looking to explore the rich taste of Indian food. Their inventory is always expanding, cutting across traditional items to more modern South Indian groceries. 

Their delivery service is quite impressive, as their deliveries are made in record time and properly. They also offer discounts so you get to save a lot of money while shopping for high-quality food items. 

Recommended Items 

Moong Dal 

Swagat Indian Grocery Store offers healthy, rich tasting Moong Dal. It is properly preserved and well packaged. 


You can get a wide variety of ready to cook spicy chutney that is blessed with a dreamy taste and properly preserved. 

Streets Market and Cafe 


Phone Number: (202) 265-3300

Opening Hours: (Mon – Sun: 8am – 10pm)

Address: 2400 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009

Street Market Cafe is a popular grocery Store located in Washington DC. They sell all sorts of Grocery items from different ethnic regions including Indian grocery near Columbia Heights DC. 

You get a wide range of local and international grocery items ranging from Indian Paneer to mexican tacos all under one large roof. They also have locations scattered around the United States, so you get convenient access to high quality food. 

To further improve convenience, you can order and have the food items delivered straight to your doorstep through their website. Their service team is hospitable and is guaranteed to provide the needed customer satisfaction, especially when ordering vegan Indian food in DC

So don’t miss this Indian grocery store in DC NW!

Recommended Items 


Their Paneer Cheese is well stored and ready to use. They are served and kept in excellent conditions so you won’t have to worry about it spoiling. 

Fresh Fruits 

Everyday fresh fruits ranging from bananas to melons can be easily gotten at Street Market and Cafe. They are kept and delivered fresh. 


  • Pan-Am Fresh Supermarket, located in 3320 Brown St NW, Washington, DC 20010 is highly recommended for its Lamb Biriyani and its Tandoori Chicken.
  • Kesar Grocery store, located online is highly recommended for its Ragulla and its Rajbhog sweets. 
  • Desi Basket, located online is highly recommended for its Idli Rice and its Bombay Rava. 
  • Swagat Indian Grocery Store, located online is highly recommended for its Moong Dal and its Chutney.
  • Streets Market and Cafe, Located at 2400 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009, is highly recommended for its Paneer and its Chutney.

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