The ultimate cheat sheet on paneer vs chicken

The ultimate cheat sheet on paneer vs chicken

Every individual who has ever wanted to step into the world of fitness has always looked toward high-protein food options for the best results. Instead of preparing complex dishes that are not only filling but also high in nutrients, why not go for an ingredient that can be quickly prepared and has all the nutrients? 

Yes, we are talking about chicken and paneer. Though both of them sit on opposite ends, one being a common item in vegetarian dishes while the other being a non-vegetation delicacy, they also share some similarities. 

Join us on our quest to find out the better one of the two in this paneer vs chicken showdown.

Which is better, paneer or chicken?

  • Given the fact that chicken is the most popular kind of poultry in the world, it is enjoyed in a myriad of dishes all over the world. As a matter of fact, Americans alone consume more than 8 billion chickens per year! 

The primary reason behind its popularity is the cheap cost of production and lower selling price and its nutrient-rich composition. 

  • Chicken is mostly produced on farms after being nourished and fed for a certain amount of time. This chicken is then processed, cleaned, and is dispatched to be cooked in any form you like. 

The best thing about it is its versatility. This is because chicken can not only be baked, boiled, or grilled but is also an excellent option for barbecuing and frying. 

For bodybuilders and athletes, having a source of energy and protein is highly imperative. This is where chicken truly shines. Having around 38 grams of protein in every cup, it offers outstanding nutritional value. 

  • When it comes to paneer or cottage cheese, this is a good chicken alternative if you do not consume animal meat and want to lower the amount of fats you consume. Making paneer is quite straightforward too. Unlike the chicken, you can make paneer at your house in just a few hours. All you need is some curdled milk and a vegetable acid. Simply boil the milk and add the acid to it. 

What this does is that it changes the molecular integrity of the fresh milk and leads to the formation of thick clots within, which on drying, gives us paneer. Similar to chicken, paneer also gives us plenty of food choices and has high protein content. Thus, this option too is ideal for you. 

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Both chicken and paneer (Indian cheese) are excellent sources of proteins but also have various differences. The first one would be taste. While paneer has a slightly salty and soft texture, chicken has a neutral taste along with a texture that can be altered upon freezing. That said, they both do an equally good job when seeping in the masalas, which makes them ideal for curry-based dishes. 

Paneer vs chicken nutrition statistics

Paneer and chicken are both loaded with the goodness of healthy fats, sodium, proteins, and minerals. Let us see which one takes the edge: 

Calories in paneer vs chicken: This round goes to paneer as one serving (100g) of paneer has around 195 calories, whereas chicken contains 223 calories for the same account. However, this also makes paneer a better option for weight loss, while chicken can be better if you are looking to gain weight. 

You also get a low fat option in paneer, which is even better for people looking to lose weight. Here’s what you should know about low-fat vs full-fat paneer. 

Protein in chicken vs paneer: Aside from having saturated fats, carbs, and cholesterol, the primary constituent of both of these items is protein. Chicken pulls significantly ahead as compared to paneer since a same sized serving of chicken can have about twice as much protein as there is in paneer. 

100 grams of paneer has around 18-20 grams of protein, whereas 100 grams of chicken contains 26 grams of protein. 

100 g of breast chicken equal to how many grams paneer?

100 gm paneer vs chicken can make you feel equally full but may differ slightly in terms of micro and macro nutrients. To equal the amount of 100 grams of chicken you consume, you will roughly need to consume 150 grams of paneer. 

What is healthier chicken or paneer?

Paneer, compared to chicken, has less protein per 100 grams, but it also has a good amount of cholesterol which keeps your blood flow in check. Paneer also contains sodium in a contained amount in contrast to the chicken. 

That said, for muscle building and repair, chicken is the better alternative. Paneer vs chicken digestion is also a key factor in determining the better one of the two. Paneer is typically easier to digest in contrast to chicken, but you can boil the chicken if you feel that it is too stiff. 

Is butter paneer like butter chicken?

Even though they have similar names, the method of preparation and the spices used makes butter paneer slightly spicier than butter chicken. That said, you will definitely feel the overpowering taste of butter in both dishes, which is quite delectable. 

Does paneer make you gain weight?

Taking paneer & chicken for weight gain can be a good idea if taken in controlled quantiles as per your daily requirement. You can eat pieces of paneer along with some salad, whereas chicken can be consumed in boiled or chicken tikka form to help with mass gain. 

Can we eat paneer with chicken?

Unless you are a terrible cook, chicken with paneer side effects is almost negligible. Both of these ingredients go along quite well and can be used in curries, salads, and soups. 

Here is a paneer chicken recipe you can try! 

Does chicken taste like paneer?

Paneer is a derivative of farm cheese that has a mild neutral flavor. It can absorb all the spices around it and gel with the taste of any dish you put it in. Chicken is not as good when it comes to aborning flavors and is a kind of bird meat with a bland taste unless fried with spices. 

How to make paneer taste like chicken?

Paneer vs chicken tastes pretty different but can also seem similar when trying them out in a dish based on a creamy blend of fresh tomatoes, Greek yogurt, and spices. So you can either go for a dish like paneer butter masala, paneer tikka masala, or prepare paneer tikka if you want a taste that mimics chicken. 

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