Dried Squid Recipe

Enriching Dried Squid Reciple

Meta: In this article, we’re going to give you some great tips on how to cook your dried squid. This is a great source of healthy omega 3, with a lovely salty texture, this will keep in your fridge for upwards of 6 months.

This recipe will be quick to make and will help you shed pounds for the upcoming summer season.

Do you have a lot of dried squid piling up in the fridge? Well, if you keep reading this article, we’ll give you all the info on how to get rid of it in a way that is healthy and nutritious.

You can rustle yourself up a plate full of delicious squid in under half an hour.

Squid comes from the deep ocean, often found in restaurants and fish bars, this is an excellent snack for anyone who likes the salty taste of fish but with a very unique texture. This is great for increasing your sodium levels, full of healthy salt.

This recipe is also very easy, so if you are struggling to make something for the children and are pushed for time, then this is the perfect dish. The salt is very tasty, it will also introduce them to new foods and textures that they might not normally be used to.

So how can you best make dried squid? Why is it better to eat dried squid than get it fresh from the supermarket? How can you best prepare squid for cooking?

What exactly are the health benefits of eating squid? How can you prepare this in a way that won’t cause you to get poisoned?

Well, if you want answers to all these questions and more, then we would suggest that you read on, as we’ve got one of the best squid recipes that you can find on the internet.

This squid can be quite tricky to cook, so make sure that you pay attention to the instructions and that you have all the ingredients before starting.

Why Should You Eat Dried Squid?

Dried squid is probably one of the tastiest seafood that you can eat. Not only is it very easy to store, but it has a very delicious salty texture.

Squid is brimming with nutrition, although dried squid has slightly fewer nutrients than the fresh kind that you can get from the supermarket. However, dried squid will keep for much longer.

When it comes to health, you can get plenty of natural omega 3 fatty acids from this kind of fish. Not only is it good for your brain, but it will also increase the suppleness of your joints.

A lot of runners and exercise fiends recommend that you eat fish, because it keeps your joints flexible.

If you are buying your dried squid in the shop, then you can expect to find them in different bags. You can also ask your fishmonger to weigh them up before bagging, so you can accurately gauge how much you’ll need.

This is especially important if you are entertaining a party of more than a few guests.

If you are hosting, then we would suggest that you get slightly more squid than you anticipate that you’ll need.

The smaller-sized squid pieces are much tastier than the larger variety, although larger squids are better for making meals with white rice and other vegetables.

Another reason that you should pick up some squid is its versatility. Squid is great for Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisine, you can fry it, grill it or boil it, each one giving you more flavor options and plenty of health benefits.

How To Prepare Your Dried Squid

First off, make sure that you have ample cooking area for this squid. Once you have the squid in front of you, then chop it up into chunks. Cutting it up in this way will make sure that it will cook a lot quicker.

You should also make sure that you snip off all the tough bits with scissors.

Now take the squid and soak it in clean cold water for about half an hour. This is a great way of getting rid of all the pollutants, as well as softening up the meat ready for cooking.

If you tuck into dried squid without preparing, then you can expect to expend extra calories chewing this tough meat.

Remove the squid from the water and pat them down with a kitchen roll. After it is dry and you have removed the excess grime, then rinse it thoroughly with cold water again to remove the last of the dirt.

Now that you’ve prepped your squid adequately, it should be ready for cooking. Get your pan and oil ready and fire up the hob.

How To Cook Your Dried Squid

  1. Get a thick pan and rub oil over the underside. This is to make sure that your squid will not stick to the bottom of the pan. Make sure that the oil is evenly coated to avoid your squid burning.
  2. Warm the pan to medium heat first to get the oil nice and slick. Once you have put your squid into the pan, then turn the heat up to full. Make sure that you are turning the squid regularly, tossing it so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
    • We would recommend using a thick cast-iron skillet, as this will make sure that the heat is distributed nice and evenly.
  3. Make sure that the oil in the pan is crackling. Fry the squid for around 5 mins. You might have to fry it slightly longer if it is in larger chunks. Keep turning your squid so that it doesn’t burn. You’ll want to make sure that the edges of your squid are golden brown.
  4. Once your squid is completely cooked, then transfer it to a paper towel and dab off the excess oil. If you don’t have enough room in your frying pan to cook all your squid, then we would recommend cooking them in smaller batches.

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