Malai paneer vs paneer nanak

Malai paneer vs paneer nanak: which one is made for you?

Much like most dairy products, paneer is known to provide plenty of health benefits. Its positive aspects are further strengthened by the huge variety paneer comes in. Today we will be comparing two of the most popular paneer varieties out there. 

Malai paneer, which is made from modified milk ingredients, citric acid, modified starch, and guar gum, is highly versatile. It is used in lots of Indian cuisines that are paneer based. On the other hand, Nanak paneer is an assortment of fresh cottage cheese dipped in xanthan gum, guar gum, and modified potato starch. 

Let us get into malai paneer vs paneer nanak and find out which one is better for you. 

Malai paneer vs paneer nanak: differences and similarities

Talking about malai paneer vs paneer nanak similarities first, both of these paneer varieties come without any added flavor in most cases. The texture is also identical owing to the similar method of preparation. That said, if you closely notice malai paneer cubes, you will notice that they contain more cream than regular paneer and are also more creamy. 

This is the quality that helps it attain that creamy taste without altering its flavor too much, unlike how we see in shahi paneer. On the flipside, malai paneer is not ideal for grating. It does retain its shape when heated but is still somewhat soggy from the outside, something chefs commonly avoid when looking for a topping. 

Nanak malai paneer nutrition

Malai paneer vs paneer nanak, both are made from a blend of naturally occluding ingredients aside from certain artificial flavoring agents and acids. Thus, their nutritional value is quite high, especially in terms of protein. 

However, the Nanak paneer is said to be slightly more healthy if you are a fitness enthusiast, while malai paneer is considered more filling due to the creamy coating on top. Here are some nutritional statistics for both of them : 

Per 30gNanak paneerMalai paneer
Calories 9090
Total fat 6g7g
Saturated fat 4g5g
Dietary fiber 00
Protein 6g6g
Vitamin A 8%8%
Calcium 19%20%

How to use frozen Nanak paneer? 

Given that nanak paneer is incredibly soft and mellow, it can be used for entries, appetizers, barbecuing, and even in the main course. Nanak paneer also has a good shelf life, making it ideal for biryanis and paranthas.

You can use it in whole cube form or even shred it into smaller pieces to serve it as a topping on any delicacy you prefer.

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What is malai paneer?

Malai paneer is an Indian dish made from a special kind of cheese dipped in cream and butter to provide its signature creamy taste. This dish is right on par with the likes of shahi paneer when it comes to popularity and taste. 

How to make nanak paneer soft? 

Nanak paneer can be made soft by two methods. The first is to apply some salt to the surface layer and soak it in water for about 10-15 minutes. The second method is to heat over low-medium flame. 

How to make malai paneer from milk? 

In order to make malai paneer using milk, all you need to do is boil the milk and add an acidic ingredient to it. Then, the solid portion of this curdled milk is drained and bought into proper shape using a cheesecloth. To further add the flavor of malai paneer to it, pour some half-and-half milk over it and dipping it in cream and refrigerate overnight. 

What is better, malai paneer or paneer? 

When it comes to taste, malai paneer takes the lead. However, regular paneer is slightly more versatile as it lacks any flavor and absorbs spices really well. This means that it can be used in a variety of different dishes too. 

How many calories are in malai paneer? 

A single serving of malai paneer, 30grams, contains about 90 calories. It is also known for its high protein content, making it ideal for fitness freaks. 

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