Where to Find Indian Fusion Food in San Francisco

A pinch of this and a pinch of that is usually how meals come together. But, what if instead of mixing only ingredients, we take a pinch of one culture and combine it with another? What we get is irresistible flavors resulting from the exchange of culinary heritage – the true essence of fusion cuisine. As our cultures overlap, it is no wonder that the flavors of Indian food can combine with one another to create aromatic, flavor packed, and out of this world delicacies. Indian Fusion food in San Francisco is one place where you can find innovative combinations of Indian cuisine. Here are a few spots to have a taste of the best Indian Fusion food in San Francisco.

Indian Pakistani Fusion Restaurants In San Francisco

Urban Curry

One of the things to love about Indian food is that it never stops evolving! Fusing Indian and Pakistani dishes elevates both cuisines to the next level. Urban Curry, located in North Beach, San Francisco, is one place where your Indian and Pakistan fusion cravings can be satisfied. This hidden gem offers authentic and innovative flavors, reflecting the many delicacies found in both cultures.

At Urban Curry, you are bound to come across new aromas and flavors, made specially with spices and herbs imported from India and Pakistan. While the restaurant serves many traditional curries, biryanis, and vegetarian options, they also offer other special dishes such as Karahi, momo chowmen, fried rice, and Naan bread, freshly baked in their clay ovens. With amazing reviews, guests have described this unique Indian restaurant as a place of warm and generous hospitality, serving delicious, unique flavors and affordable food. Urban Curry is the place to find authentic Indian fusion foods in San Francisco.

But, if you are unsure about leaving your comfort zone, you can still enjoy some of the most popular Indian food in the world by following along and creating these delicious and comforting Indian recipes at home. 


If one Indian Pakistani fusion restaurant is not enough, then why not try another? Besides, who wants to miss out on the many unique flavors that both cultures have to offer? Not far down from Golden Gate Park, on Irving Street, you can find Noori, a restaurant that serves its own take on Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Noori is the place to find wholesome and authentic food prepared with traditional cooking methods. This Indian restaurant is known for its Tandori Salmon, goat cheese naan, goat curry, and the popular chicken biryani. Nori has become one of the favorite go-to spots for many guests who have found the restaurant to reflect homemade cooking, packed with layers of unique Indian fusion food flavors. While Noori provides a range of services, including dining in, catering, and private events, you do not have to miss out on any of your favorite Indian fusion foods in San Francisco because you can find Indian food delivery services serving delicious food all around the US.

Indian Mexican Fusion Restaurant In San Francisco


You would not think that the blend of Indian and Mexican cuisine would find themselves combined as a dining experience. But they do, and that is the beauty of Indian fusion food! Located on North Point St, Amirah is an Indian Mexican fusion restaurant in San Francisco that specializes in bringing flavors from around the world, creating delicious foods that delight the palate.

At Amirah, you can experience the feeling of grandma’s kitchen, with hot, tasty, flavourful food inspired by the Indian and Mexican heritage of the owners. Some of the fusion favorites to find at Amirah are their Nando’s Chicken wings plate, Tikka street tacos, and their masala con Queso – all flavors fused with two of the world’s most popular cuisines. Guest reviews at Amirah have loved the tender cooked meats and value that their halal meat is locally sourced. If you are looking for a warm but modern Indian fusion in San Francisco, Amirah is the place to go.

Indian Chinese Fusion Restaurant In San Francisco

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Whether you like hot and spicy or sweet and sour, dining at Red Hot Chilli Pepper is an adventure. Located down San Carlos Ave, this multicultural restaurant is dedicated to bringing you the vibrant flavors of Asia, using fresh produce, meat, and seafood sourced from the local community. With some amazing reviews, guests have found this to be one of the best Indo-Chinese fusion restaurants in the area, with the cauliflower manchurian, monchow soup, and the chili fish being one of the favorite dishes. If you have never tasted the fusion of Indo-Chinese cuisine, Red Hot Chilli Pepper is one of the best places where this cuisine is done right.

More Indian Fusion Restaurants In San Francisco

Fusion Flavors by Betcy

Looking for mouthwatering dishes from around the world, but all in one place? Located in the Bay Area is Fusion Flavors by Betcy, an Indian fusion restaurant in San Francisco where you can find your favorite Indian cuisine wrapped around some of the most popular foods from around the world. This is the place to discover some unique dishes such as their popular tandoori salmon, Indian spaghetti, and scrumptious breakfast items such as their curried scrambled eggs or curry potatoes. No matter your craving or mood, this Indian fusion restaurant in San Francisco can easily become your go-to spot!

If you are looking for something entirely different, or simply a new fusion food to try, Indian paneer vs Bangladeshi paneer teaches you the roots of paneer and gives you a step-by-step process of making your own homemade paneer. This way, you can create your own Indian fusion food favorite in the comfort of your own home.

What Is The Best Indian Fusion Restaurant In San Francisco?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only a selected few places for Indian fusion foods are scattered around San Francisco because there is an abundance of Indian fusion foods – not to be missed. This list will point you to the hottest spots with the best reviews to find the best Indian fusion restaurants in San Francisco.

Spice of America

Modern Indian cuisine made with local California ingredients, with an emphasis on authentic Indian flavors.


A progressive Indian restaurant blended with the Californian culture. The cuisine at ROOH is a creation of beautiful food while celebrating the vibrancy, color, and culture of India.


This restaurant brings the best North Indian and Nepali food to the city. This Indian fusion restaurant serves fresh ingredients with amazing spices to provide excellent quality.

Kinara Fusion Kitchen

Kinara gives traditional pizza kitchens a spin! With Indian infused pies and Mediterranean platters, it is a true blend of great cuisines.

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