Reviews: Top 3 Places To Order Indian Grocery Online in the USA

In this era, you can buy almost anything from the internet – books, appliances, food, and even groceries. In the USA, most of these items can be ordered through Amazon or Best Buy. But for cooking enthusiasts – they have specific online stores as go-to places when they want to cook something or if they’re looking for particular ingredients.

Indian Cuisine, probably one of the most popular cuisine in the world, is highly enjoyed in the USA. This is because of the number of Indian immigrants in the country and also because of the delicious and culturally-rich dishes it offers. Indian cuisines tend to contain a lot more herbs and spices than any other cuisines. These ingredients are unique and are probably the reason why many people around the world love Indian cuisine. Such popularity has caused cooking enthusiasts to recreate local Indian dishes, especially in the USA and this raises the demand to order Indian grocery online.

If you are new to order Indian grocery online, we have got you covered! We are going to review the top 3 online Indian grocery online stores in terms of product diversity, shipping capabilities, and online shopping convenience. At the end of our reviews, you should have a good idea of where you want to make your order.

StoreShipping PriceOnline Recipes Website Features
iShopIndianDependent on the weight of the orderYes Visual Cart
Khana Pakana Dependent on the weight of the order Yes Live Chat
Shalimar Indian Grocery FREE No

iShopIndian ( offers a diverse group of products – groceries, frozen food, health and beauty products, cooking utensils, and even cookbooks. Check out what it has to offer below:

  • Product Diversity. Almost 3000 products are offered on their website. Their website is easy to navigate and has user-friendly categories for each product line; such categories include baby food, Papad, Rice, Pooja Items, Spices, and Lentils-Dals. Frozen Indian foods offered include bread, chutneys, paneer, samosas, kathi rolls, vegetables, and entrees. For a cuisine or ingredient that’s not native in that country, having such an array of products is convenient for shoppers.
  • Website Features. The size, weight, and total stock in current inventory are also reflected for each product, which is quite helpful if you’re a customer running a restaurant who wishes to stock up some ingredients. Another advantage of ordering Indian grocery online through this shop is the ability to create shopping lists just by creating a personalized account. Additionally, when you’re browsing through the products and the products you’ve selected are added through a visual cart located below on the browser – making it easier for you to track the products you’ve chosen.
  • Shipping Capability. Shipping is free for orders $109 above as long as the total weight of the order is below 30 lbs. ,and it serves 48 states in the USA. The shipping fee is competitive as it varies according to the weight of the shipment.
  • Payment Methods Accepted. The payment method in this store is also applicable to most online shops – it accepts Paypal, major credit cards, and the shop’s certificates and coupons.

Khana Pakana

Khana Pakana ( is a store with a distribution center in New York that stocks almost 4500 products. The online store was launched in the year 2006 and has served many people who have wanted to order Indian grocery online.

  • Diverse and Brand Categories. With more than 4000 products, Khana Pakana makes shopping more straightforward with their categories. Users can shop through different types of food categories – Rice and Grain, Powder Spices & Herbs, and Pickles. One can also shop by brand, and this is a convenient feature if you know what you want. In case there is no stock for the product you’ve ordered, they will also suggest an alternative.
  • Website Features. A live chat is available on the website in case users have any questions while shopping. The site also features reviews of the products – enabling customers to assess the quality of the product through other customers’ feedback. Such features help customers to get a suitable product for their needs and getting the best customer experience.
  • Online Recipes Available. Another unique feature of this online store is the vast recipes available on the website. The recipes available range from Pakistani, Indian, Chicken, and Masala recipes. This additional section is perfect for those who want to experiment on the products that they are planning to buy.
  • Shipping and Payment. Khana Pakana caters to international shipping and utilizes common shipping couriers; the payment method includes the usage of major credit cards. The shipping fee is dependent on the size of the shipment.

Shalimar Indian Grocery

Shalimar ( a new online store whose products variety is growing rapidly. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, even those who prefer organic products can order Indian grocery online from them easily.

  • Organic Products Availability. Shalimar Indian Grocery is working with local farmers that supply organic fruits and vegetables to ensure the freshness of the products. This partnership also helps local farmers boost their sales and livelihood. Besides organic products, there is also a wide range of products, including Rice, Besan, Shan Masala & Curry, Nuts, and Spices. If you like to help out local farmers in their livelihood, you should opt for this online star.
  • Discounts. This store gives out discounts, especially for first-time customers. It offers first-time customers up to almost 50% discount and up to 30% discount on nearly all grocery items. Cooking enthusiasts will surely enjoy this as they shop for their favorite ingredients.
  • Shipping and Payment. They offer free shipping regardless of the weight or size of the products you’ve ordered. A pick-up option is also available, and all major credit cards are accepted.

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