Chinese Steam Chicken Recipe

Tender Chinese Steamed Chicken Recipe

We’ll also give you the recipe for a great garlic sauce dip.

Sometimes you just want to sample some cuisine from the other side of the world – this is where Chinese steam chicken comes in.

Not only is this food delicious, but it is a great source of animal protein – why not wow your family and friends with this amazing chicken dish?

Chinese chicken (our delicious Chinese Chicken On A Stick Recipe is a must for you) might be something that you have tasted at your local Chinese restaurant, but what about making your own at home? What are the benefits?

Well, for one, you’ll be able to cook your chicken according to your preference, either steaming it or poaching it for good measure.

So how exactly can you prepare your steam chicken for a very delicious recipe? What are the health benefits of eating this meal over ordinarily prepared chicken? How best to clean this chicken before you cook it?

How can you make a garlic sauce that will result in your food being utterly tasty and delicious?

Well, if you want answers to all your steamed chicken-based questions, then keep reading.

We have all the info that you need to get everything up and running, with a tried and tested chicken recipe that will be enough to rival even the best-rated Chinese restaurants (check out our chinese cookies recipe) in your local area.

Why Chinese Steamed Chicken?

Chicken is one of the best sources of animal protein that you can find. If you are working out and looking to build lean muscle, then you can’t go wrong with some steamed chicken (you might want to have a taste of our hong kong chicken recipe).

This stuff is also very easy to prepare, all you have to do is throw it in the oven or the grill and wait a few hours for it to cook.

Chicken goes well with practically any food. Whether it is vegetables or plain white rice, it is also very absorbent when it comes to flavors. You can have spicy chicken or garlic-infused chicken, you can even try both if you’re feeling adventurous.

We’re going to teach you two amazing methods for preparing your chicken for your dish. You can have two types of chicken, either poached or steamed.

Having it done either of these ways really keeps the calories down, boiling the chicken in its own juices rather than using oils that are very high in calories.

Two Methods Of Preparing Steamed Chicken

This method of preparing chicken is called ‘white cut’ by the Chinese. This is because it is prepared as it is, rather than with any additional seasoning or salt. Once you get the chicken out of the oven, you need to make sure that you clean it first.

1. Cleaning The Chicken

Once you have bought the chicken raw from your wholesaler or market, then run it under the tap first. As you do this, make sure to remove all the chicken’s internal organs.

Now that the organs are removed, then slice off the claws with some scissors. Once you have done this, then you should remove the fat from the chicken. Then tuck the chicken’s feet into this cavity.

Once you have done this, tuck the chicken neck into the body of the animal itself. Once you have done this, the chicken will be more or less ready for you to cook.

2. How To Steam A Chicken

Firstly, take your prepared, raw chicken and rub it all over with salt. This salt really helps you to remove the smell of the chicken, which can obviously be overpowering. Once you have done this, make sure to rinse off all the salt.

Once you have washed off all the salt, hand the chicken upside down to dry for a few hours.

Now it is time for you to rub finer salt over the body of the chicken as well as the cavity. The amount of salt that you’ll need will all depend on the size of the chicken. Marinate the chicken in salt overnight and wrap it up in clingfilm.

Once the chicken has marinated, find some rice wine and apply it similarly. Take a tablespoon of this stuff and apply it to the inside cavity of the chicken itself. This will be a very good way of preparing the chicken for stuffing.

Then you need to take a handful of hearty vegetables and start stuffing them into the activity. Take ginger slices, crush up garlic and green sections of scallions and pack them into the chicken.

Try and get as much food in there as possible as this will not only affect the flavor, but will boost the nutritional content.

Put the chicken in the oven and steam it for around 20 minutes. If you do not have a steamer function, simply put it in the oven with some boiling water and allow the steam to cook the chicken itself.

Once you have removed it from the oven, allow it to sit in the heat for around 15-20 more minutes. Once you have done this, then you should notice the hot meat sliding off the bones.

3. How To Poach A Chicken

Poaching a chicken is a very different process. What you’ll need to do is steep this in water, pour in the wine, the garlic, the scallops and the sections of scallions and bring it to the boil.

After the chicken has boiled for 10 minutes, remove it and stir the water, adding more of the ingredients to increase the flavoring. Then you need to top up the flavoring sporadically, increasing it with each dip.

Our Final Say

We hope that our tips for cooking this Chinese steam chicken recipe has helped you to prepare a really decent chicken dish for you and your friends. This is great for improving your generally health and experiencing that taste of authentic Chinese cuisine (check out our chinese ham recipe).

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